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The concealed knowledge quot; is like an ocean which has no beginning and no end
Protection prayers Al Nas and Al Felak
Havas signifies this practise from Koran verses. Another name for it is Rukye. Rukye is a remedial form with special prayers. Of this therapy form becomes from another dimension of ecclesiastical doctors and ecclesiastical leaders support. Still another name for it is the " concealed knowledge ". It is an Allah's knowledge, only to few people reveals becomes. To learn Havas, one needs ecclesiastical teachers (leader) those the knowledge reveals became. This knowledge needs to learn a protracted time. With this knowledge, one steps in contact with the army crowds of Allah (angel, Dschinnen and certain assistants) to line up against the dark powers.

A proof of this knowledge stands in the Koran in Al Fath sura 48 verses 4. ' He is which internal rest in the hearts of the believers sent, so that her faith in belief increases - then of Allah are the army crowds of the skies and the earth, and Allah is knowing and points '

The task, the Havas to practising ways is, the annoying negative energy, (Evil beings) the illnesses causes from the body to get out and to clean. And it not safe for the applying one.

In this time there are hardly the ways which can do Havas teaching really. Some famous names under the ways are: Hadrath Ali, (son-in-law of Mohammed S.a.v.), Ibn Selem, Jaffar Assadik and the biggest and most famous Sheikh Akbar Muhyiddin Arabi.

Beside prayers one makes amulets, after the illness of the sick person. The people who have received this apprenticeship, are  in the position of course with Allah's help to be cured illnesses, to bring separated pairs together again and to find out illnesses which are not noticeable.

Symptoms for black magic: Depressions (without any reason), which become worse each day. The victim does not feel understood. Sleep disturbances tiredness and exhaustion without something to have done, headache and pains in the limbs, continuous bad mood (feels attacked) pain at the neck and eyes, the feeling to be pursued, numbly of the left arm particularly against morning, fear conditions to be alone. Some withdraw themselves and look for the isolation, bruxism, nightmares (repeatedly into the depth fall, fly and up-frighten) crunch frequently  dream of dog and cats are attacked during the sleep. If with some victims the assistance comes in the last stage, the nervous systems are mostly disturbed and can seize no clear thought more.

Humans born under the sign of the following asterisks are very susceptible to black magic:
Cancer, lion, twins, Capricorn, Aquarius and Sagittarius. Even a weak magic is in the conditions to throw the life of these humans from the course.

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