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Do you believe in exist of other creature outside our planet?


 No? Then read these lines carefully.


My specialty is helping people who find no explanation for their illnesses and behaviour are usually labeled as a schizophrenic and end in psychological clinics or end his own life. What is the cause of this disease? See among Spirituellhealing.


Many people who have write me talking about insomnia, ill-treatment in a dream, pains, for example, rape and evil.


Here we do speak of the astral abuse.

The ones who has been victim to this crime can usually hardly sleep. The victims are usually their lives affected by this terrible event that they are like a shadow to be pursued at every step. Their tormentors are the ones that are invisible to our eyes, which are called the jinn and demons. Their victims are often mistreated in the astral life and to stun in the waking state.

The cause is usually: take without proper knowledge astral travel, black magic, put a curse on someone and busy with demonic literature.

Astral rape is just as bad if not worse, as the rape of a person in "real" life.

The astral signs of abuse are: insomnia, breathing difficulties, wheezing at night usually be awake to feel persecuted, not remember dreams or, only remember nightmares, feel the sex in sleep, to have pain in the waking state-limb, to hear voices and lead monologues (mostly the victim see and their tormentors talk with them). Be nearly exhausted in the morning, although had long sleep.

A jinn or an evil can abuse a man in the astral / dream mentally and physically. Unfortunately, there are always more people suffer for years and unfortunately there are very few who take refuge to talk about it. If a man possessed by demons, you can easily recognize it. They talk a lot of confused and have dull pupils. Have fears to take shower alone, almost let open the door of the bathroom. 

Astral rape can have similar physical harm as "normal" rape. The reason is the damage to the astral body also affect the body.

Much worse than the physical symptoms are of course the soul. You feel sullied and desecrated. Fear takes you each step. The cruelty of astral rape is these, already mentioned, can happen in situations where we feel reasonably secure and protected. Many victims have then terrified to go sleep or be alone. Even their own four walls offer no protection, and so desperately roam through the world.

Even if your child tell about its dreams, or an invisible friend. Take it seriously and have a look for help.

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